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Yamal 201 (90.0° East)
11057 V 26470
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Current Channels (0)
Type Channel Name Web Category Encryption SID VPID Audio PIDS
TV NTV General Clear 4901 4907 4908, RUS
TV NTV General Clear 4902 4911 4912, RUS
TV STS General BISS 1 514 515, RUS
TV Telekanal Domashniy General BISS 5700 5701 5702, RUS
TV TNT General Clear 768 770 771, RUS
TV TNT General Clear 800 801 802, RUS
TV Znanie General Clear 900 901 902, RUS
Radio Detskoe Radio Various Clear 6000 0 6001, RUS
Radio DFM Region General Codicrypt 102 0 1297, RUS
Radio Hit FM General Codicrypt 104 0 1329, RUS
Radio Maximum 103.7 FM General Codicrypt 105 0 1345, RUS
Radio RADIO CHANSON General Clear 6400 0 41, RUS
Radio Radio Dobrie Pesni General Clear 101 0 1281, RUS
Radio Russkoe Radio General Codicrypt 6200 0 1361, RUS
Updated & New Channels
Type Channel Name Web Category Encryption SID VPID Audio PIDS
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