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Badr 6 (26.0° East)
11785 V 27500
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Current Channels (0)
Type Channel Name Web Category Encryption SID VPID Audio PIDS
TV [test card] General Clear 1 110 120,
TV [test card] General Clear 8 810 920,
TV [test card] General Clear 10 1010 1020,
TV [test card] General Clear 11 1110 1120,
TV [test card] General Clear 12 310 320,
TV [test card] General Clear 13 1310 1320,
TV [test card] General Clear 15 1410 1420,
TV A-One Home Shopping Teleshopping Clear 14 1510 15.0, ARA
TV Al Emarah General Clear 3 1210 1220, ARA
TV CCTV Arabic General Clear 1 110 120, ARA
TV Le bouquet de Canal + promo General Clear 2 210 220, FRE
TV Sahm TV General Clear 4 510 5.0, ARA
TV Saudi Comedy Channel Comedy Clear 7 710 720, ARA
TV Strike General Clear 9 910 920, ARA
Radio Radio Erena General Clear 16 0 1610, SO
Updated & New Channels
Type Channel Name Web Category Encryption SID VPID Audio PIDS
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